Surgical Clearance Evaluations

Some surgeons and hospitals require a Surgical Clearance assessment from a psychiatric or psychological provider before a patient is allowed to have extensive procedures like bariatric or gender-reassignment surgeries. This evaluation is part of the Surgical Clearance process that must be completed prior to surgery.  In most cases it is required by the insurance plan.  

Premier Psychiatric will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if there are any issues that might impede a surgery’s successful outcome for you. The purpose of the evaluation is not to fail you so that you are denied the surgery. Instead, a Surgical Clearance Evaluation can help us determine if you are psychologically and emotionally ready to undergo a surgical procedure. This screening will also show whether you can adequately make the required lifestyle changes after surgery and if you may need support after the surgery.

If our evaluation identifies anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or other issues, then we can help you get the appropriate treatment before and after the procedure.