Psychology Department



Premier Psychiatric Group Psychology Department

The Psychology department is made up of Psychologists, Therapists and support staff.  

Psychological Evaluations:   Psychological evaluations are written, visual, or verbal tests administered to assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of children and adults.  These tests measure skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitudes and make predictions about performance.  Best known is the IQ test; other tests include achievement tests—designed to evaluate a student's grade or performance level—and personality tests.  The latter include both inventory-type (question-and-response) tests and projective tests such as the Rorschach (inkblot) and thematic apperception (picture-theme) tests, which are used by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists to help diagnose mental disorders.  They are also used by psychotherapists and counselors to help assess their clients.  Experimental psychologists routinely devise tests to obtain data on perception, learning, and motivation.  Clinical neuropsychologists often use tests to assess the cognitive functioning of people with brain injuries.

Psychotherapy:  The treatment of mental and emotional disorders uses psychological techniques designed to encourage communication during conflict and to improve insight into problems. The goal is to bring relief of symptoms, changes in behavior leading to improved social and vocational functioning, and personality growth.

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