In-Home Sleep Study:

Have you asked yourself any of these questions lately?

• Why am I not sleeping at night?

• Why do I feel tired all day?

• Why am I so forgetful?

• Why do I wake up with a headache? 

• Why am I moody all the time?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for a home sleep study. At Premier Psychiatric Group we offer in-home sleep studies as a way to gather information about why you’re having sleep issues. With this test, you have the benefit of sleeping in the comfort of your own home, making the test a true representative of your sleeping habits.

How does the In-Home Sleep Study work?

First, you will be evaluated by our clinical staff.  If they feel you are an appropriate candidate for the in-home sleep study they will fill out an order. The order is then sent to NovaSom which is located in Maryland.  NovaSom will provide you with a portable device that you wear to bed.  After the device is returned to NovaSom, they will then compile and evaluate the data collected. The collected data is then sent to Premier Psychiatric Group to determine if you have a sleep-related diagnosis or if your sleep issues are possibly related to a mental illness.


What does the In-Home Sleep Study test for?

• Obstructive sleep apnea – a breathing disorder that causes you to wake up multiple times throughout your sleep cycle.
• Chronic persistent insomnia – difficulty in both falling or staying asleep.
• Narcolepsy – feelings of extreme sleepiness or suddenly falling asleep during the day.

Sleep issues are more likely to affect patients who also have psychological disorders than people in the general population.. These disorders include: depressionbipolar disorderanxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The good news is that treating the sleep disorder may help decrease mental health symptoms. At Premier Psychiatric Group, we know how important the proper amount of sleep is, so our team of dedicated mental health professionals is here to help you.